How To Valheim Pig Domestication?

How To Valheim Pig Domestication?


Pig domestication of wild hogs in Valheim Valheim with the process Hazard may seem like you can become resource hogs. Wild hogs, because it is a source of good skin and meat you can use it as the basic ingredient for making other items. Pretty wild when domesticated pigs and aggressive. Become domesticated livestock.

Domesticated pigs and then you can grow them on your farm. If you want precision in your farm, you must create a field for the pigs to meet their own needs. The pigs who will love you good care, and it is very useful. In this article, we will describe how the domestication of the pig.

Step-By-Step How To Valheim Pig Domestication?

To begin you will need to find Valheim priority to domesticate pigs in a pig. If you go to take a boar Meadows in a short time. Fences should remain between a boar while to tame. You must create a fence panel Valheim collecting wood for this at the counter. If you have fruits or vegetables to lure pigs in a quantity, you can begin the process of domestication.

Valheim pig domestication is as follows:

  • Make a folder with a door that you can put the pigs. Leave the barn door open.
  • By approaching the side of the pig startled him, and make sure to follow you.
  • The pig in the pen let's get in by running towards the barn. Starting to get into the corral in front of the door, you can put various vegetables and fruits.
  • Pig see that he stays there for a while finally closing the door.
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