How Valheim Is Promoted To The Bench?

How Valheim Is Promoted To The Bench?


Valheim is the most needed tool bench in the game. Your machine must be in order to produce something. When the upgrade process thanks to Valheim bench the bench is small, you can get a bigger bench. Thus, the counter can generate you more. Small Valheim a construction material because it is used in a large Palace, while the bench, the bench, the bigger the advantage is obtained.

It is not a difficult task to raise the work bench. With certain items, you can easily upgrade countertops for everyone. In this article, we will explain how the bench is upgraded Valheim.

How Valheim Is Promoted To The Bench?

valheim tezgah nasıl yükseltilir

Some material is needed to upgrade your countertops. Here is the tricky part of the job. The required materials are collected after upgrading the countertops is very simple. Counter according to your preference level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5 you can do.

Valheim bench to upgrade the materials that are required are as follows:

  • Level 2: the chopping block – 10 Wood + 10 Flint
  • Level 3: Tanning rack – Wood 10 + 15 flint + 20 leather piece + 5 deer pelt
  • Level 4: Adze – 10 thin wood + bronze 3
  • Level 5: tool rack – 4 iron + 1 thin tree + 4 Obsidian

After you have gathered these materials, what you need to do is as follows:

  • The level at which the Loom, to get supplies for the level that you want.
  • Then the individual ingredients of the counter next to leave.
  • All that are left is new material, including the level of the work bench.
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