PUBG Mobile 2 is the release date?

PUBG Mobile 2 is the release date?


Tencent Games PUBG 2 plan the extraction for a long time is spoken. PUBG Mobile 2 is coming out when comments were made about the subject since the first curious. New state of the game that has swept over the entire world will cause the second version, called PUBG, questions such as what happens to the excitement is increasing.

PUBG Mobile played worldwide, millions and prepared to broadcast about video games, e-sports is very valuable in terms of a game. The current version of the game to reach 1 million active players a day, the new version number can catch a question mark in mind that the poses. In this article, we will announce when we will get PUBG Mobile 2.

PUBG Mobile 2 is the release date?

PUBG Mobile 2 by everyone have been very curious as recently, Tencent Games, an explanation was expected. Although it is not expected from the description Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile 2 details were leaked. In a tweet shared on 23 February “Rumor: PUBG Mobile come out next week, May 2.” the expression used. Tencent Games falsified because the content of this tweet that spread to the masses, we concluded that the tweet may be correct.

Despite the lack of an official explanation, according to rumors, PUBG Mobile 2, 2021 will be released, we can say that between the dates of March 1-7. The release date of PUBG Mobile 2 is also very curious how long it would be outside of the game. The game would be about how the information is as follows:

  • The year 2051 in the game world .. we have futiris
  • Suitable for the year 2051 new maps will be added
  • Futuristic themed items will be

Information about the game are scarce in the coming days when the snow is currently stipulates that more information can be leaked.

PUBG new state when will it be released?

PUBG new state, is the name of the new version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG new state that will emerge will be officially announced and a trailer about the game published. Futuristic themed belongs to the year 2051 in the trailer as we have mentioned above it's a game that has focused attention.

PUBG new state made a statement when it will be released yet but the game pre-registration is opened. From the front page in the Play Store for PUBG players who want to register new state.

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