When Opening GeForce Now Is It?

When Opening GeForce Now Is It?


Tech cloud gaming platform GeForce Now, Turkey announced that it will open a server, and began his work. GeForce Now, the question to be opened when hardware-strapped players, the agenda has become the A number of. Players wants to make a platform. Thanks to this platform, E-will take on the world of sports to become more competitive.

With the shortage of hardware, players will be able to play games, wanting GeForce Now, thanks to high system requirement. In this way, for each game, instead of just upgrading the hardware of the device will be able to save money by paying a subscription fee GeForce. Also it is GeForce Now for free on the platform it will be used by many people in Turkey. In this article, we will answer to be opened when the highly anticipated GeForce Now.

GeForce Now Turkey Will Open When A Server?

geforce now türkiye sunucusu ne zaman açılacak

GeForce Now closed beta server began to serve as Turkey on February 15. Improvements will be made in the process of beta on the platform, and eventually will be open to all users. After 1 month will be opened up to all users of the platform by the authorities that a beta was announced. For all users GeForce Now opening date is March 15, 2021.

First of servers GeForce Now Turkey, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir will take place. With an internet connection from all cities of Turkey would be accessible to the servers. The platform supporting the game on Steam and the epic store available on all GeForce thousands of games you can play over. If you have GeForce Now games he didn't play due to a system requirement, you can play it after it is opened.

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