How to Be Imposter in Among us?

How to Be Imposter in Among us?

23-03-2021 - Oyun - Among Us

Among us is gaining a tremendous response around the world. Its exciting theme attracts the players around the globe. Gamers try different tips and tricks to boost their excitement and dominate at the game. If you are one of the best players of Among us you started thinking how to be the Imposter in every round of the game.

How to Be Imposter in Among us?

If your response is positive, then keep stick to this article. This will respond you to your every possible question,

It is tricky and stressful to be an imposter but also quite fascinating to play.

Statistically speaking, there are no 100% proven tricks and techniques to be an Imposter in every game in Among us, there are still ways to enhance your chances to be chosen as a bad guy.

Increase the number of Imposters

The rules of the game are easy to understand, maximum 10 players can participate in a single match. The chances of any player to be chosen as an Imposter are 10%.

Nevertheless, you can raise the number. If you are hosting your own lobby, you can add 2 as well as 3 imposters and you should allow less number of crewmates. This will enhance your chances to be an Imposter.


As stated earlier, this trick is not 100% guaranteed. The crewmates as well as imposters are selected randomly. Most of the gamers leave the match if they are not chosen as Imposter. It is not going to be a good practice, enjoy the game whether you are a crewmate or Imposter.

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