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PUBG Mobile Version Error Fix

PUBG Mobile Version Error Fix

05-06-2021 - Oyun - PUBG

PUBG Mobile version error solution saves you from the version error warning that you often come across. The error that shows a text that your device is not compatible with this version has almost annoyed the players. As this endless bug cannot be fixed permanently by the support team, players will have to fix the bug themselves.

PUBG Mobile Version Error Fix

There are multiple reasons for PUBG Mobile version error. Since there are multiple reasons for the error, we will share multiple solutions with you. If your problem is not resolved when you try the first method, we recommend you to try other methods respectively. We will talk about what to do at the end of the article if the error is not resolved even though you tried all the methods.

The first method you can apply as a solution for PUBG Mobile version error should be to clear the cache of the Play Store. If the cache is too full, it will cause you to get a version error even if the version of your device is sufficient. Cache clearing is done as follows:

  • Open your phone's settings.
  • Find the Play Store among the apps.
  • Say clear data and cache.
  • Exit by updating the changes.

The second method you can apply to fix the version error is to update Android. Since at least 5.1.1 Android is required for PUBG Mobile, if your Android version is below this, you need to upgrade by updating.

The version error is not only seen on phones. Those who play the game from the emulator can also get a version error. If you are playing from the emulator, you can update the program settings. You should also enable the OpenGL feature of the emulator.

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