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For its players, the Rocket League car tier list is prepared in this informative article. Since Rocket League was released, it has been found desirable by every game player. Especially with its distinctive concept, Rocket League has gathered a great deal of admiration. I can say the cars in the game, play a great role in this admiration occurrence. So, how about looking at the Rocket League car tier list?


  • Octane; is the best because of its being durable and effective.
  • Bone Shaker; is some kind of battle car. It has an outstanding appearance with the skull in front of itself.
  • The Marauder; is rather big, and that’s why some players don’t choose it. But still, this car is convenient for defensive players.
  • Twin Mill III; is also preferred by the players who want to defense by deflecting hits from the side.
  • Dominus; is considerably chosen due to its large overall surface area helping the players hit and control the ball more effectively.
  • Batmobile; makes maneuvering through the air easier, doesn’t occupy too much place, and has a Batman theme.
  • Aftershock; is on the rise concerning the players’ choice.
  • Takumi; resembles Dominus in terms of length and overall size.
  • Breakout; to score directly, can be a perfect choice, and also reliable.
  • Mantis; is a relatively lengthy car, which helps you cover the ball easily.
  • Paladin; is good at aerial dribbling, freestyling, and powerful shooting.
  • X- Devil; is fairly lengthy, quite functional, and well-rounded.
  • Venom; isn’t preferred even though it has the ability to perform several functions.
  • Nimbus; is a short vehicle in contrast to Mantis, Takumi, and Dominus.
  • Merc; blocks goals and blasts opponents with help of its gigantic size.
  • Esper; opens its hatch at the back when it speeds up.
  • Vulcan; has a spaceship-looking appearance.

And the rest is listed below:

  • Ripper
  • ’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
  • Grog
  • Ice Charger
  • ’70s Dodge Charger RT
  • Masamune
  • Masamune
  • Scarab
  • Zippy
  • Proteus
  • DeLorean Time Machine

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