14-03-2021 - Oyun - Rocket League

Nowadays, a lot of people play Rocket League with many ways(PC, PlayStation, etc) but they are curious about the Rocket League Item Rarity. We can say  Rocket League is a old company but they do not like exact changes about the game mechanics. They just fixed game and bring new events so they create new type and rarity of items.


First of all, when the new events come out that means new awards will come. Players do the event’s tasks and then they can get the keys. You can open award boxes with keys so you can get new items. Before you open the award boxes you can see the items on the cars and you can choose the item which box has it and also which is best for you. So I will start to teach Rocket League Item Rearity. Let’s start…

Items and Rarities:

  • Rare Items – %55
  • Very Rare Items- %28
  • Painted- %25
  • Import Items- %12
  • Exotic Items- %4
  • Black Market Items- %1

At the end of the our subject we explained you Rocket League Item Rarity, that is the way to get item whit box open luck. There is another way to get these items. You can also get items with trade your friends and that way you can try or you can get items but there is a problem with trade market. Lots of game has trade system but some players use that way for commercial benefits.

They do that in black markets as we list on the items. We wrote it because you should know these type of actions and be careful . Rocket League authorized workers are examine your transactions. If they catch your wrong transactions they can suspend your account for a time or they can block your account continues so be the right side. Good luck with your games.

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