TFT patch 10.11 live on servers, information about TFT patch 10.12 notes began to arrive on the PBE server. In the last update, while nerf came to origin and some champions, in general buff came to many champions.

TFT Patch 10.12 Notes


  • All Valkyries and Voids are out
  • Sona, Kassadin, and Lux are also out
  • New Champions: Zed, Vayne, Riven, and Janna
  • New Traits: Astros and Battlecast (with their own champions)
  • Total of 14 new Champions
  • A whole spaceship load of smaller changes to current Items, Champions, and Systems

TFT mid-set cheat sheet!




  • Kha’Zix
  • Cho’Gath
  • Vel’Koz
  • Kai’Sa
  • Kayle
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sona
  • Kassadin
  • Lux


  • Tier 3
  • Cybernetic Sniper
  • Final Hour: Vayne focuses for 10 seconds, tumbling away from her target immediately, and every third attack thereafter. Vayne is invisible while tumbling and her first attack after each tumble deals 180/200/240% of her Attack Damage.
  • Vayne gives Cybernetic the options it needs to get to 6 without needing to luck into Ekko. She also serves as a powerful Tier 3 carry who usually doesn’t need a defensive item because her spell drops aggro. She should serve as a powerful AD carry, especially with Cybernetic and Sniper active.
  • Tier 4
  • Chrono Blademaster
  • Energy Slash: Riven dashes and shields herself for 300/450/900, then slashes forward dealing 100/150/450 magic damage. Every third cast, Riven leaps into the air and launches a wave of energy that deals 400/600/1800 magic damage.
  • Blademasters have all been pretty similar, and have required similar items (crit and attack speed), but that’s about to change. Riven loves AP items that give her a bigger shield and help her deal massive damage—if she can get a third cast off. She even uses Luden’s well, and can boost your Chrono builds with Twisted Fate and Sorcerer.
  • Tier 2
  • Rebel Infiltrator
  • Contempt for the Weak (Passive): Every third attack Zed deals 20/40/80 bonus magic damage and steals 25/40/80% of the target’s current Attack Damage.
  • Zed brings some unique capabilities to the Rebel lineup. As an Infiltrator he can jump away from a Rebel clump and offer a way for them to spread out. In addition, he serves as a great anti-carry who can steal away all of that carefully-stacked AD—Great for getting in those pesky Snipers’ faces.
  • Illaoi: Tier 1 Brawler
    • Illaoi slams a tentacle in a line in front of her, dealing 125/200/325 damage and stealing 15/25/40% Armor and Magic Resist from each target hit for 4 seconds.
  • Nocturne: Tier 2 Infiltrator
    • Nocturne terrifies his target, causing them to be stunned with fear for 2/2.5/4 seconds and dealing 150/200/300 magic damage over the duration.
  • Kog’Maw: Tier 2 Blaster
    • For 3 seconds, Kog’Maw gains infinite Attack Range and 90% attack speed, and his auto attacks deal 5%/7%/9% of the target’s maximum Health as magic damage
  • Cassiopeia: Tier 3 Mystic
    • Cassiopeia launches her fangs at the nearest unpoisoned enemy, causing them to take 800/1500/3000 damage over 12 seconds, and reducing the effectiveness of shields used on them by 50%.
  • Viktor: Tier 4 Sorcerer
    • Viktor burns a path between the two enemies most distant from one another, initially dealing 40/50/100% max Health magic damage, then 1 second later dealing 250/400/1000 magic damage in an explosion along the same path.
  • Urgot: Tier 5 Protector
    • Urgot fires a drill at the farthest enemy in his Attack Range, reeling them in and dealing 2000 true damage repeatedly until they reach him and die. After his first successful cast, Urgot’s Mana Cost is reduced by 10/20/60.
  • Nautilus: Tier 2 Vanguard
    • Nautilus erupts the ground beneath his target, knocking them up and stunning them for 3/3.5/4 seconds, and dealing 100/200/400 magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the target receive half of this effect.
  • Bard: Tier 3 Mystic
  • Passive: Bard gains an additional 5/20/90 mana each attack.
    • On cast: Bard spawns a meep on his owner’s bench which can be sold for 1 experience.
  • Gnar: Tier 4 Brawler
    • Gnar leaps towards his target and transforms into Mega Gnar, throwing nearby enemies, dealing 200/300/1500 magic damage and stunning them for 2 seconds.
    • While in Mega Gnar form, Gnar is melee and gains 750/1250/2500 Health and 100/175/400 Attack Damage.
  • Teemo: Tier 4 Sniper
    • Teemo scatters 3 traps around the nearest enemy. When an enemy nears a trap (or after 3 seconds), it explodes on nearby enemies dealing 175/250/600 magic damage, knocking them down, and slowing them for 4 seconds.
  • Janna: Tier 5 Star Guardian
    • Janna summons five tornados which fly forward in a large cone. Tornados grant allies they pass through 50/100/500% attack speed for 5 seconds, while knocking up and stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds.


Battlecast – (2/4/6)

  • Trait: Battlecast champions, upon dealing or taking 10 instances of damage, trigger a bonus effect based on their current health. If they’re above half health, they deal 75/150/225 magic damage to the nearest enemy. If they’re below half health, they heal for 75/150/225 instead.
    • Champions:
  • Illaoi: Tier 1 Brawler
  • Nocturne: Tier 2 Infiltrator
  • Kog’Maw: Tier 2 Blaster
  • Cassiopeia: Tier 3 Mystic
  • Viktor: Tier 4 Sorcerer
  • Urgot: Tier 5 Protector
    • How they work:
  • Battlecasts are strong champions who start to heal after taking a beating. This added toughness, in addition to their ability to deal extra damage, allows them to dish it out just as well as they can take it depending on the situation. At a 2/4/6 split, theirs is a flexible trait that can fit into many different comps. Several Battlecasts also have unique capabilities: Kog’Maw and Viktor do percentage health damage, Cassiopeia wrecks shields, and Urgot can obliterate LITERALLY ANYTHING!
  • Here’s a Battlecast starter comp to try out: Urgot, Cassiopeia, Lulu, Xin Zhao, Kog’Maw, Illaoi, Ezreal, Blitzcrank. This gives you 4 Battlecast, 2 Protector, 2 Celestial, 2 Blaster, 2 Chrono, 2 Brawler, and 2 Mystic.
  • How it works: Illaoi, Blitzcrank, and Xin Zhao stand tall on the front line while Urgot chews through the enemy team one by one, decimating almost anything the enemy can throw at you.

Astro – (3)

  • Trait: Reduce your Astro champs’ mana costs by 30.
    • Champions:
  • Nautilus: Tier 2 Vanguard
  • Bard: Tier 3 Mystic
  • Gnar: Tier 4 Brawler
  • Teemo: Tier 4 Sniper
  • Astro champs are much more… out there (they’re astronauts), and each one brings something different to the battlefield. Nautilus stuns the enemy’s front line, Gnar returns from the launch set with his giant team shove, and Teemo places powerful shroo—uh, satellites on the board that can do tons(!) of magic damage. Perhaps the most “out there” of the bunch is Bard. He’s relatively weak in a straight-up fight, but he has a unique and powerful ability that creates, you guessed it, meeps! They can be sold for 1 XP each, allowing you to level up just a little bit quicker than your opponents.
  • Here’s an Astro comp to try out: Nautilus, Wukong, Gnar, Teemo, Caitlyn, Ashe, Jhin, and Karma. You can also add Lulu at level nine (if you get there). That’ll give you 4 Sniper, 3 Astro, 2 Vanguard, 2 Chrono, and 2 Dark Star—plus Mystic and Celestial at level nine.
  • How it works: This team’s strong utility and crowd control will tie up the enemy team while your Snipers chunk them down. Watch out for shrooms!

Paragon – (1)

  • Trait: Your team’s basic attacks are converted to magic damage.
    • Champion:
    • Janna: Tier 5 Star Guardian
  • Janna comes to the aid of her fellow Star Guardians as a new Legendary champion, wielding a powerful spell that knocks enemies up and boosts allies’ attack speed. Using Janna’s unique trait, you can convert your team to do mostly magic damage, which can be useful if you’re struggling against Vanguards. Of course, you’ll need to watch out for Mystics and their team-wide magic resistance. Either way, Janna can table-flip your matchups just by being on the board.

Other Changes

Of course, that’s not all. With this update, we’re making a few other changes to existing champions, traits, and items. There are too many to list in full detail, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Traits
    • Chrono: Buffed 4 and 6, and also added an 8-piece bonus!
    • Dark Star: Now has breakpoints at 2/4/6/8 instead of 3/6/9 and now buffs Dark Star champions off ANY ally’s death, not just other Dark Stars.
    • Mech Pilot: The mech and pilots are all getting a lot of buffs… but now when the mech dies, the pilots come out quite damaged.
    • Sniper: Now has breakpoints at 2/4.
    • Vanguard: Now has breakpoints at 2/4/6.
  • Champions
    • Ezreal: Now much more utility-focused and able to cast much sooner, but deals less damage.
    • Syndra: If she kills her target, extra orbs move on to the next target! Never waste an orb again!
    • Jhin: Attack speed now scales with star level, so this Dark Star killer’s 3-star form is even scarier.
    • Aurelion Sol: Fighter ships now drain enemies’ mana.
    • Ekko: Casts sooner, and attacks a number of times instead of every enemy once (so, if the enemy team has only a few champions left, he’ll hit them multiple times!). He also slows the attacks of enemies he hits.
  • Items
    • Infinity Edge: Now sets the holder’s critical strike chance to 100% (also does less bonus damage).
    • Rapidfire Cannon: Now, in addition to the extra range, your attacks can’t miss… again!
    • Seraph’s Embrace
      • Replaced by an Summoner’s Rift classic: Blue Buff!
        • After each spellcast, the holder’s mana is set to 20.
    • Demolitionist’s Charge: Join the Battlecast lineup! Replaced with Battlecast Armor. Grants the wearer the Battlecast trait… obviously.
  • Galaxies
    • No new galaxies in 10.12, but we’re removing the Lilac Nebula (the first galaxy we shipped).
    • Starting in 10.13, we’ll be adding and removing one galaxy each patch for the remainder of the Galaxies set.
  • Other
    • Tier 3 champ pool expanded from 16 copies to 18 copies of each.
    • Champions now sell back for their full value! (Example: 2-star copies of 3-cost champs will sell for 9 gold instead of 5).
    • Neeko’s Help ALWAYS works now. If there’s nothing left in the pool, Neeko will create a temporary extra champion… just for you.

Balance Changes 

Trait Adjustments

  • Brawler: 350/650 >>> 350/600 Bonus HP
  • Celestial
    • Celestial (6) is now only attainable via Celestial Orb
    • Celestial (4) is Gold & Celestial (6) is Chromatic
    • 15/35/60% >>> 15/40/99% Healing from Damage
  • Chrono: Added Chrono (8): 0.75 seconds
  • Cybernetic: 350&35/700&70 >>> 350&50/600&90 HP & AD
  • Dark Star
    • 3/6/9 >>> 2/4/6/8
    • 20/25/30 >>> 12/25/35/60 Bonus AD & AP
  • Whenever a Dark Star Champ Dies >>> Whenever any ally dies.
  • Infiltrator: 50/75/120% >>> 40/70/120%
  • Mech Pilot
    • Pilots Health on Eject: 100% >>> 35%
    • Mech Health: 1500 + 45% of Pilots >>> 1500 + 60% of Pilots
    • Mech AD: 90 + 45% of Pilots >>> 100 + 60% of Pilots
    • Mech AS: 0.75 >>> 0.85
    • Mech Cleave Damage: 100% of AD >>> 80% of AD
    • Mech Mana: 0/225 >>> 0/200
    • Mech Armor: 30 >>> 70
    • Mech Magic Resistance: 20 >>> 70
  • Mystic: 35/105 >>> 40/105 Magic Resistance
  • Protector: 25/30/40 >>> 30/40/60%
  • Sniper
    • Sniper (2): 15% >>> 12% Bonus Damage per hex.
    • Added Sniper (4): 20% Bonus Damage per hex.
  • Sorcerer
    • Removed Sorcerer (8)
    • 20/40/75 >>> 20/45/80% Bonus Spell Power
  • Star Guardian
    • Now properly gives the correct amount of mana of casts after the first one. This results in a buff for the trait. (Thanks TOO)
    • Added Star Guardian (9): 70 Mana
  • Vanguard
    • Added Vanguard (6): 750 Armor
    • 125/250 >>> 125/300 Armor 


  • 2-Costs
    • Annie
      • Mana: 75/150 >>> 70/140
      • Spell Damage: 150/200/300 >>> 250/350/500
      • Spell Shield: 270/360/540 >>> 350/450/600
  • 3-Costs
    • Ashe
      • Mana: 50/125 >>> 50/100
      • Spell Damage: 250/350/700 >>> 200/275/550
      • Missile Speed increased by 50%
    • Ezreal
      • Mana: 50/125 >>> 50/80
      • Attack Speed: 0.7 >>> 0.75
      • Spell Damage: 200/300/600 >>> 100/150/400
    • Rumble
      • HP: 800 >>> 900
      • Spell Damage: 350/500/1000 >>> 500/750/1500
    • Shaco
      • Spell AD Bonus: 200/225/250% >>> 250/275/300%
    • Syndra
      • Mana: 0/65 >>> 0/60
      • Spell Damage: 100/150/250 >>> 100/125/200
      • Syndra will now pick additional targets if she’s dealing more than enough damage to kill her target
  • 4-Costs
    • Fizz
      • HP: 600 >>> 700
      • Attack Speed: 0.8 >>> 0.85
      • Mana: 80/150 >>> 60/120
      • Spell Damage: 350/500/2000 >>> 450/600/5000
    • Jhin
      • Base Attack Speed :: 0.9 >>> 0.85 / 0.95 / 1.25 by star level
    • Jinx
      • Rocket Damage: 125/200/750 >>> 125/200/1500
  • 5-Costs
    • Aurelion Sol
      • Mana :: 40/120 >>> 120/120
      • Damage per fighter :: 100/150/750 >>> 60/110/750
      • NEW: Fighters drain 10/20/50 mana from their targets
      • NEW: First cast launches 4 fighters. Subsequent casts launch 2 additional.
      • Taken together, he’ll deal more damage through the first 10 seconds of the fight, then fall behind from there, relative to live.
    • Ekko
      • Mana: 50/150 >>> 80/150
      • Spell Damage: 225/400/2000 >>> 100/200/2000
      • Targets: Hits every enemy once >>> Hits 5/7/20 times.
      • NEW: Slows the Attack Speed of all enemies hit by 50% for 7 seconds. 


  • Chalice of Harmony has been renamed and redesigned. Its new name is Chalice of Power. Chalice of Power (Tear + Cloak): At start of combat, the holder and their left and right neighbors gain 30 AP for 10 seconds.
    • New icon will arrive soon!
  • Deathblade: 30 >>> 25 AD per stack.
  • Demolitionist’s Charge has been removed. Replaced with Battlecast Armor (same recipe: Spatula + Rod). Battlecast Armor: This champion is now Battlecast.
  • Giant Slayer: Effect changed to: “Deal 25% bonus true damage. If enemy max HP is over 1500, deal 100% bonus true damage instead.”
  • Hextech Gunblade: 25% healing from all damage dealt >>> 35% healing from spell damage.
  • Infinity Edge: +100% Critical Strike Damage >>> +100% Critical Strike Chance and +20% Critical Strike Damage.
  • Jeweled Gauntlet: Holder’s spells can crit >>> Holder’s spells can crit and holder gains +20% Critical Strike Damage.
  • Luden’s Echo: Star scaling removed. Now deals 200 magic damage per bounce.
  • Rapid Firecannon: +200% Range >>> +200% Range and holder’s attacks can’t miss.
  • Seraph’s Embrace has been removed. Replaced with Blue Buff. Blue Buff: After casting a spell, set your mana to 20. Unique. New icon will arrive soon!
  • Warmog’s Armor: 5% Missing Health Regen >>> +600 HP. (The item now grants exactly 1000 HP and nothing else.)

When release date TFT Patch 10.12 notes?

TFT patch 10.12 notes will be published on June 10, 2020, if there will be no setback. It will be added to the list when other changes are approved.

These are what we know about  LOL 10.12 Patch Notes, lol 10.11 Tier List you can find here. Keep following for TFT patch 10.12 notes and when new changes will come we’ll be sharing it with you.

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