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What is CS:GO Warm Up Shutdown Code?

What is CS:GO Warm Up Shutdown Code?

05-06-2021 - Oyun - CS:GO

The CS:GO warm-up shutdown code is the code that fulfills the dreams of players who want to enter the game without warming up. You need to warm up with bots for a few minutes when entering the game with your friends. Then the real match begins. If you want to dive into the real match without the need to warm up, you can turn off the warm-up.

When entering competitive matches, you may want to warm up until the other player's game arrives. Sometimes it's good to start right away, without having to wait, when your wrist is already in control of the game. Turning off CS:GO warm-up code will save you from this boring wait.

What is CS:GO Warm Up Shutdown Code?

Warming up is not a bad feature for newbies to the game. We recommend that newcomers to the competitive mode warm up with some boots. Trying to take down an opponent, even a bot, will give you practice. You can decide which weapon you prefer, where to stand, where to shoot, in a few minutes called warm-up.

However, warm-up is an unbearable feature for expert players. If you are an expert, you may not want to endure even for a few minutes, as fighting bots will not give you pleasure. It is a feature that can easily turn off the heating. You can close it via a code and start the match. Confronting a real opponent directly without dealing with bots will prevent you from wasting your time.

The CS:GO warm-up shutdown code is “mp_warmup_end”. If you open the console and press enter after typing this code, the warm-up is turned off. After that, you will start the matches without warming up with boots. After entering the code, you find yourself directly in a hot conflict.

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