When is LoL New Season 2021? When will Season 11 begin?

When is LoL New Season 2021? When will Season 11 begin?

LoL, the new season 11th season is scheduled to start in January 2021 if there is no problem, with the end of the inter-season period. LoL season will reset ranked leagues and start again as of January 11.

Although to expect an announcement from LoL’s officials would be too soon, for now, the last patch for season 10 namely 10.25, has the release date as December 9, 2020. The league, which ended on the same date in last season, started in January. However, the official explanation was announced during the last days as in the previous one.

When do Will LoL New Season 11 Ranked Matches begin?

When will Season 11 begin? lol new season

LoL, season 11’s ranked matches will probably start in January 2021 with the reset of the leagues. In the past season 10, the ranked matches started 3 days after the 10.1 patches were released. Everyone will be unranked again and will start receiving the Top 10 Matches. 

LoL Season 11 Innovations

There are no innovations for LoL Season 11 right now, it’s too early for this, they usually start to explain the innovations after season 11 kick-off news. For Season 10, they tried to bring different dynamics to the game by including elements and ball/bot corridors to the valley, and now, we are curious to see what innovations will be for the new season 11.

When is LoL New Season? When will Season 11 begin?

LoL, season 11 will start within 3-4 days after the 11.1 patches are released and when everyone’s ranked leagues will be reset.

When is TFT New Season?

Since TFT which means team fight tactics, is a part of LoL, everything we mentioned above is valid in TFT. TFT’s new season will start in January 2021 if something goes in the right way.

We tried to answer the question of when will the new lol season start. What do you think is waiting for us in season 11? Share what you know or think differently from us in the comments section with us. Good luck to everyone in the new season.

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