Zed Runes 10.17 S10 Build Mid 2020

Zed Runes 10.17 S10 Build Mid 2020

In our topic titled Zed Runes 10.17 S10, we will mention the current zed runes sequence and which items you need to take when, and also good and bad ones against zed in our article.

Zed has been in the meta for a long time, and this seems to stay like this because, in the last patch, a small buff was seen again. Generally, these upgrades end with a release of costume but Zed seems to be indispensable for the medium corridor.

Zed Runes 10.17 S10

Zed Runes 10.15 S10 Build Mid 2020

There is a classic approach to Zed rün s10. In general, the best rün sequence can be stated as dominance and witchcraft. If you want to try other things besides those, you are making a wrong decision, at least for now.


We have listed the Zed combos for you below, the AAs are the straight attacks.

  • Harassment combo: W -> E -> Q
  • Basic explosion: W -> R -> E -> AA -> Q
  • Line: R -> W -> E -> AA -> Q

Zed Tactics

Zed has a great corridor phase in most of the matches and you can easily make a snowball in an early stage of the game, and this makes it a great champion to play in ranked matches.

Zed Runes 10.15 S10 Build Mid 2020

In Level 1, you must unlock the first Q skill to start harassing your enemy. We will be using the Q skill for this since, during your last hit need, you will be confronted with ranged champions in general. The best way to harass the enemy is when it goes for the last hit because they will have to stand as they are and have to choose between having Q.

At level 2 you will continue with W. You will continue to do the same, but this time your shadow is also in the game and you can harass the enemy more.

Usually, at level 3 you want to put a point with E and the harassment combos mentioned above are really starting to harm. Usually, if your enemy falls below 50% HP, you will turn it into an all-in and destroy the enemy with passive + ignition if you launch a successful harassing combo (both struck by Shuriken).

After level 6, it is your strongest phase as you unlock your full blast combination. From that point on you should put as much pressure as possible on your lane opponent. If it’s bad enough to die, kill it and get his snowball. If they play very safe while trying to kill them, don’t waste more time in the hallway and try roaming other corridors.

The bot is the most common corridor that you’re going to want to roam since both enemy bot lanes will always be 1-2 levels below, which makes them an easy bait.

ZED Runes

You can easily gain control of your corridor and also, you can turn the lower corridor into hell with the Zed rün sequence which reaches an incredibly strong position in the lane by electrifying.

Zed Runes 10.15 S10 Build Mid 2020

ZED items

Zed Runes 10.15 S10 Build Mid 2020

Zed item list is as follows;

  • Beginner items
    • Long Sword
    • Refillable Potion
    • Ward (optional)
  • First Return Items
    • Threaded wedge
  • Items that must be bought, Core items
    • Youmuu
    • Draktharr
    • Bot (again changes depending on the other person you are confronting)
  • Full Build
    • Edge of the Night
    • The Black Ax

ZED Skill Order

For Zed, the talent distribution firstly must be as Q>> E > W. After opening 3 of them, we will be fulling the Q, then E and then W.

Zed Runes 10.15 S10 Build Mid 2020



Zed Runes 10.15 S10 Build Mid 2020


Zed Runes 10.15 S10 Build Mid 2020
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